Courses Taught By Richard Fitzpatrick At UT Austin

Graduate Courses:

PHY 380M:
Tearing Mode Dynamics in Tokamak Plasmas
PHY 380L:
Plasma Physics
PHY 389K:
Quantum Mechanics
PHY 387K:
Classical Electromagnetism

Upper-Division Undergraduate Courses:

PHY 329:
Computational Physics
PHY 336M:
Celestial Mechanics
PHY 362K:
Quantum Mechanics of Atoms and Molecules
PHY 336L:
Fluid Mechanics
PHY 369:
Thermodynamics And Statistical Mechanics
PHY 373:
Quantum Mechanics
PHY 352K:
Classical Electromagnetism
PHY 336K:
Newtonian Dynamics
PHY 355:
Intermediate College Physics

Lower-Division Undergraduate Courses:

PHY 315:
Oscillations and Waves
PHY 316:
Electromagnetism And Optics
PHY 301:
Classical Mechanics

Richard Fitzpatrick