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Outline of course

This course is organized as follows. Section 2 consists of a brief review of those elements of vector field theory which are relevent to Maxwell's equations. In Sect. 3, we derive the time-independent version of Maxwell's equations. In Sect. 4, we generalize to the full time-dependent set of Maxwell equations. Section 5 discusses the application of Maxwell's equations to electrostatics. In Sect. 6, we incorporate dielectric and magnetic media into Maxwell's equations. Section 7 investigates the application of Maxwell's equations to magnetic induction. In Sect. 8, we examine how Maxwell's equations conserve electromagnetic energy and momentum. In Sect. 9, we employ Maxwell's equations to investigate electromagnetic waves. We conclude, in Sect. 10, with a discussion of the relativistic formulation of Maxwell's equations.

Richard Fitzpatrick 2006-02-02